Planning and guiding the customer experience

I am no longer a part of TBWA\Helsinki. In 2019 I made a personal decision to start a new company to meet the growing need and demand in the market. The core of business is to help companies and organisations design and manage the customer experience. Customer experience is at the heart of theContinue reading “Planning and guiding the customer experience”

How to not get kicked in the teeth ´cause of your marketing?

“If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they´d punch you in the face”. Consider to reduce risks of getting punched and you are more likely to succeed with your marketing!

TOP 5 DON’TS on performance driven marketing

TOP 5 DONT´S: 1) Don´t ever question status quo 2) Think of marketing as a linear process 3) Hang on to 4Ps model 4) Evaluate performance with irrelevant metrics 5) Play always safe

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