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Marketing Accountability

Show me a company who would not want  their marketing to have a constant winning streak? Everybody is going for the end-zone. Whether you go for it with a grand pass or  variety of clever running games, does not really matter. The thing is, you really need to move from media expenditure to performance driven lead generation.

Analogy to explain the winning strategy building blocks:

  1. What is my starting position? (Where we are now)
  2. What is our game plan?  (Where do we want to go)
  3. How do we choose our plays? (What are the means to get there)
  4. How are we doing so far? (How do we measure success)
  5. How do we know we will score? (How do we ensure arrival)

To win a game requires top strategy, creativity, agility and systematic approach.  To win a Superbowl, well that’s a different story. You’ll need to be constantly hungry yet having a tremendous stamina and  recovery capabilities.

What you need to avoid  in leading modern marketing?

Or the other way around, five ways to be sure that your marketing will NOT perform:

  1. Don’t ever question what has worked so far. Don’t try anything new, but continue until you find out that it is no longer working
  2. Think of marketing as a linear process, because it is easier for budgeting. Never mind that consumer behaviour does not fit into linear process anymore.
  3. Hang on to 4Ps model, which categorises marketing in easily led yet limited role. Choose not to recognise marketing as much more widely integrated practice within your organisation. And a critical success factor.
  4. Evaluate effectiveness and performance based solely on common beliefs or such one-dimensional metrics that your organisation understands (impressions, CTR, amount of visitors etc.) and  have abbreviations you remember.
  5. Play it always safe. Do not do anything that has not been already proven by somebody somewhere with success. This reduces risks (and the opportunity to learn).

But first, how you’ll less likely get punched in a face?

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