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The best customer experience strategy is to stay curious

CX strategy as a service

Insight / outcome

“In 2019 I made a decision to start a new company to serve the growing demand in the market. The core business is to help companies and organisations design and manage their customer experience.”

– Kalle Kanerva, founder



Customer experience is at the heart of the strategy of ever more companies and organisations, as customers form the basis of all commercial activities.

The concept of customer experience is a holistic one, comprising large, diverse, and often difficult-to-understand entities such as >>

Serious about business

Insight: Business vision, Purpose and Readiness, Brand Behaviour, Culture Development, Digitalization.

CX lead as a service

Outcome: Personnel Wellbeing, Attitude and Competence, Technical and Operational Capability.

Crafting the big picture, understanding the essentials and figuring out the right development measures can sometimes be challenging.

Operations model

Insight & audience discovery

Human insight & data impacting CX
Customers & markets

Co-creation, shared view

Change workshops and planning
Idea formulation

Strategy and implementation

Business concept implementation CX and EX experience

Analytics and improvement

Continuous learning and optimisation Agile operations

Io_Works helps by bringing an outside view into customer experience design and guidance, as a service or project, from a customer perspective through data and human insight, and collaboration with your customers and people supported by network of highly experienced experts when required.

See why collaboration creates results:

“io_Works / Kalle intensified our customer experience, professional sales and account work by leading a multifaceted training and sparring sessions for our team of project managers. The program lasted six weeks and included weekly workshops, and both personal and group assignments in-between. The outcome helped our future social media leaders to feel more confident and prepared in their work. It was also great for building stronger team spirit. A globally award-winning Kurio | The Social Media Agency. #socialfirst

Tommi Opas, Entrepreneur, CEO, PhD, Chairman/Board Member and Investor @ Kurio

“Kalle led our management team to effective remote workshops where we were able to focus on productising our services through guided tasks and questions. Clear assignments, adequate scheduling, and efficient compilation at the end of the workshops gave us the additional boost we needed to continue working independently. Kalle’s long line experience both shows and feels, an absolute recommendation! ”

Mari Tauler, Greative Director, CEO, Founder @ Grundlage

“When we decided to re-brand our company and launch a new business area, Kalle was immediately involved in building our way of telling about our company. Under Kalle’s leadership, we created a new way to reach our target audience and the results have been excellent. He has created new presentation materials for the brand and together we have broken the traditional industry way of providing services and training our staff.”

Jussi Kauppinen, Sales and Customer Relationship Director, @ Reila Palvelut Oy (S-Group)

“We’ve been collaborating with io_Works / Kalle in consultative role, supporting our go-to-market and sales initiatives, especially for our virtual reality offering. Through his experience and contacts we have been able to identify new opportunities. He has also been involved in and sparred global product marketing pitches from a customer experience strategy point of view.”

Andrew MacDonald, CEO, Co-founder, Member of the Board @ MacWell Oy

“I am impressed by io_Works and Kalle’s immediate and deep understanding of my company’s short and long term goals, and quick ability to prioritize, comprehend and develop complex solutions to create demand and business opportunities. He has provided us with valuable insight and input in the demanding field of understanding and creating the best customer experience, as well as given us generous advice on how to build up successful solutions for different user needs. He is truly a can-do person, who is able to stay focused, come rain or shine, and grasp and crystallize the essentials at warp speed.”

Katri Einamo, Founder and CEO @ Espere Verde Oy

io_Works Oy

The next frontier for CX

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