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I am no longer a part of TBWA\Helsinki. In 2019 I made a personal decision to start a new company to meet the growing need and demand in the market. The core of business is to help companies and organisations design and manage the customer experience.

Customer experience is at the heart of the strategy of ever more companies and organizations, as customers form the basis of all commercial activities. My company io_Works Oy examines the profitability and growth potential of the company’s business factors influencing the customer experience.

The customer experience is a holistic one, comprising large, diverse, and often difficult-to-understand entities such as: Business Vision, Purpose and Readiness, Brand Behaviour, Culture Development, Personnel Wellbeing, Attitude and Competence, Technical and Operational Capability. These entities consist of many different aspects and functions, their interrelationships, and interfaces with the surrounding world and operating environment, the ecosystem. And especially focusing on customer interaction.

Creating the big picture, understanding the essentials and figuring out the right development measures can often be challenging. But this is where io_Works helps by bringing an outside view into customer experience design and guidance, as a service or project, from a customer experience perspective, through data and human insight, and collaboration with staff with a support network of highly experienced experts.

Kalle Kanerva, founder and io_worker
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Some of features impacting the customer experience:

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