Quarantine 2020

Quarantine warranty

We are currently living in harsh times caused by Corona virus. At io_Works we care about customer experience also under these circumstances. We must stand together and prepare for the future.

For each project agreed during quarantine times in 2020, io_Works gives you a GUARANTEED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SATISFACTION and refund option. After all, we are all about customer experience.

Simple: For each new project agreed during pandemic, if you’re not satisfied with the results, io_Works will share the risk covering 50% of our expenses e.g. refunding half of your investments in insight mining, ideation & remote co-creation workshop part of the project if results are unsatisfactory.

Agreeable: First we’ll agree resourcing, budgeting and the goals (KPI’s) we want to achieve. If despite to agreed reasoning io_Works is not providing as expected, you may choose to compensate only half of amount agreed. This is true collaboration and risk sharing.

For new and existing customers: This offer is valid for both new and existing customers regarding new commissions or projects. No small printed mumbo-jumbo disclaimers. Let’s hook-up online and talk about how to boom your business in 2020 onwards. Please contact for discussion leading to a proposal.

Kalle Kanerva, founder and io_worker
+358 40 5752992 kalle@io.works

Some of features impacting the customer experience:

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