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Customer experience first?

Does your operation organise around customer in the center?

It should, since customers are the only source of revenue. According to Forrester® Ryan Hart, Customer experience (CX) strategy must actualise the business strategy. This means that executives need CX strategies that are both forward-looking and have an actionable level of detail. The CX strategy must serve as a road map to actualise, deliver, and measure progress toward the customer-centric goals of the business.

Also, the commonly used acronym CX refers specifically to executive level (CXO) responsibilities. Coincidence? I think not. CX should be on every CXO’s agenda, if a comprehensive customer experience ownership role is not yet defined within an organization. Many modern businesses have established this role, and while it might partly overlap the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO), the scope is much more versatile and less technical. Sorry my CDO friends. One example where this shows is the impact of personnel wellbeing and capability to provide first class customer experience.

Why this is important? Three key areas from how Forrester defines customer experience strategy dimensions:

So, if your agenda contains business planning, research and product / service development, sales and customer service, marketing and communications, delivery and fulfilment, employee experience etc. the whole shebang, please consider orchestrating everything according to customer experience first. Create and implement a CX strategy and start measuring success. I welcome you to share your thoughts on CX! @io_works +358 40 5752992

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